LLL: the Ultimate Primer on Ultimo Dragon

So, here we are.

At the beginning of our journey, gazing down a path of flippy and wow.

And me without a map.

Hi! I’m Alicia. To put it bluntly, I’m your grandma who walks into the living room halfway through a movie and starts asking, “Who’s that guy? Why is he so angry? Does he need to curse so much? Where’s your grandpa? Should you be watching this?” But, your living room is really a wrestling ring and everyone has masks on.

I know nothing about lucha libre. Well, that is to say, I *knew* nothing about lucha libre until a perfect storm of Twitter, Lucha Underground, and my husband made me aware that I knew nothing about lucha libre. This does not mesh with my general know-it-all attitude, and thus, Licia Learns Lucha was born.

I’m compiling a master list of lucha, and taking a topic from it every week to research and placate my need to Wikipedia-spiral for at least 2 uninterrupted hours a day. This week’s topic, as voted by the masses* on Twitter: ULTIMO DRAGON.
*masses = 13 votes

Ultimo Dragon, eh?

You all are sending me to Japan already?

Ok, internet. Ok.

My first reaction: isn’t that the guy who fell in WWE once?

Why, YES! Yes, it is.

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