LLL: what kind of PARK is this? There are only chairs here.

Welcome back to Licia Learns Lucha, the weekly blog dedicated to teaching me all about lucha libre. So far, I’ve gone down the legendary trail of El Santo and flipped (and slipped) with Ultimo Dragon.

This week, LA PARK stole your hearts and the vote, eking out a win over Juventud Guerrera in the final hours of my Twitter poll. OK, it wasn’t really that dramatic, but I do feel bad for Juvi. He’s lost 3 in a row. I’ve Googled pics, y’all. Stop denying me. Stop it.

Ok, back to the guy who, I assume, walked into Party City one day and committed for life:
La Parka, looking like he’s going for a fancy AF jaunt.

If you listen to our podcast, which you should, you’ll know that my husband Wayne is my anchor, not only in life, but in lucha. I said to him, “They chose LA PARK. What do I need to know?” He replied to me with this:

Well then!

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