LLL: Dragon Lee II is making us all look bad.

Welcome back to Licia Learns Lucha! Are you ready to feel old as f*ck? Let me punish you like you punished me, you Twitter-voting bastards.

I’ll back up to how this all started. I noticed my List of Lucha was starting to run short, because you all haven’t been very forthcoming with suggestions of who/what I should add to my list. And don’t think I don’t see you. I’m on my page views like a hawk, because I’m insecure and need attention. Be sure to tweet me or comment here with anything you’d like to see.

Anyway, I said to Wayne, my darling husband and co-host of Spandexistential Thoughts podcast that you listen to every Thursday, “Wayne, darling husband and co-host of Spandexistential Thoughts podcast that our many Lees listen to every Thursday, who should I add to my list?”

He innocuously said, “Dragon Lee.”

So, I put him in as part of my poll, thinking, “One of these weeks,” but the Twitter votes piled on. When he was declared the winner, I went to Wikipedia, and I saw something that was…well, distressing. I took a photo diary of it, to chronicle what happened next.


 “1995 is not a birth year. Is this a joke? Oh god, what if it’s real. Did I read it wrong?”

5-failure…1995. He’s 21, and a wrestler people love.
I’m 30 and have a blog I half-ass once every 2 weeks.
What am I doing with my life?

So, thanks for that crisis, everyone. I’m going to start calling nursing homes now. Alright, on with wrestling!

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