LLL: tuck that chin! Zeuxis is here!

Welcome back to another installment of Licia Learns Lucha. I have to thank you all for bringing me so far. I’m starting to feel pretty schooled, like maybe I could get a D on a surprise lucha pop quiz. Someday, I want one of you to surprise me with one. Please watch me for years on social media, slowly letting identifying information pile up until you can find me, jump out from a bush, and administer a multiple choice lucha quiz. You have my permission, especially if this is the first thing out of your mouth:

This week, when the #LLL vote took to Twitter, you were all indecisive. Votes akimbo. A dreaded tie.

Which is great for me, because I cast the tie-breaker. We’re talking about Zeuxis this week, which I’ve spent the last 2 weeks pronouncing like, “Zexus” in my head, as in:

Ok, so, let’s get down to business…

Alright, now I’m really done.

I’m stoked to be researching a luchadora this week. On Spandexistential Thoughts podcast, I often joke that I hate men, and that’s why I love women wrestlers, especially the ones that destroy men, so much. The reality is that, as a woman, you encounter a hell of a lot of bull in your life just because you are a woman. Much of it is little tiny things that add up over the years to harden your heart and make you utter, “Men,” through clenched teeth as you slowly crush a can you’re dropping into recycling. So when I see a kick-ass woman CRUSHING IT in the ring, I can’t help but love her and live vicariously through her. Do you know how much I’d love to package piledrive the last dude who thought it was perfectly kosher to talk over me in a meeting and take credit for my work? C’mon, let’s watch this together and imagine our boss’ heads on Estrellita.

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