LLL: who’s thirsty for some Juice?

Yo. I’m so lazy, and I have Christmas-brain, which includes knowing that my workplace closes at the end of this week, and I don’t ever have to work again (until January). So, I’ve dinked around. I’ve donked around. I’ve gone here, there and everywhere on the internet. I’ve watched my favorite gif a million times.

I like it so much because it feels familiar, like watching my hopes and dreams take flight and die.

I have resisted as long as I possibly can on buckling down and studying up on my lucha.

Thanks for your patience.

Welcome back to Licia Learns Lucha, a biweekly study of the luchadores and luchadoras you pick to help teach me all about this crazy thing we call lucha libre. This week, your votes again left me with a tie, so I cast the deciding vote.

It’s time, bitches.

Oh jeez, I just came right out of the gate and called you bitches. I’m sorry. Rude, and all that jazz. Let’s try again.

It’s time, friends.

Take a big drink. We’re gettin’ some juice. It’s Juventud Guerrera time.

That’s what you get for wearing stupid scarves all the time, Chris Jericho.

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