LLL: I’m ready to psych you out. Get it? Hahaha, boo hoo hoo.

What’s up everybody? After a long break of sitting around and saying, “Man, I should probably write a blog,” I’m back! And I’m writing a blog! How’s that for inspiration?

This month, you voted for me to learn about Psicosis…Psychosis…whatever. The one who has all the hair like I had in college.

Don’t believe me?

And this was in the mid-aughts, people. Rockin’ that hair 30 years too late. I had a lip ring, too. And I was making fun of a statue because it had a missing foot. God, my mom is so proud of me.

Anyway, this was not an easy task. Why don’t you guys ever vote for someone who has a 2-year career so I can spend less time searching stuff on YouTube at work and more time searching other stuff on YouTube at work.


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